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The đồng (VND, IPA: dɔŋ) is the currency of Vietnam. It is issued by the State Bank of Vietnam. It has the symbol ₫. In the past, it was subdivided into 10 hào, each divided into 10 xu (derived from the French sou). However, the hào and xu are now worth so little that they are no longer issued.

After the revaluation of the Zimbabwean dollar on 1 August 2006 [1], the Dong became the least valued currency unit. Around March 21, 2007, the revalued Zimbabwean dollar regained least valued currency status (in terms of black market exchange rate, if exists), and the Dong is currently the 2nd least valued currency unit.

History of VND exchange rates
Year US Dollar Exchange
1980 2.05 Old Dong
1985 6.69 New Dong
1990 6,482.54 New Dong
1995 11,037.85 New Dong
2000 14,169.85 New Dong
2005 15,851.76 New Dong

Current VND exchange rates
Use 1 USD Lastest exchange rates
Yahoo! Finance 16,044 VND Yahoo! Finance 16,037 VND 16,623 VND

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   Type Of Vietnam Dong Currency Notes:

vietnam Dong

500,000 Vietnam Dong Note

vietnam Dong

200,000 Vietnam Dong Note

vietnam Dong

100,000 Vietnam Dong Note

vietnam Dong

50,000 Vietnam Dong Note

vietnam Dong

20,000 Vietnam Dong Note

vietnam Dong

10,000 Vietnam Dong Note

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